City Stories 7

This year, the City Stories was attended by artists from Polish and Wallonia-Brussels.

International Comics&Game festival

International City Stories project has been organised for 7th time. We would like to thank
our guest for the great international cooperation. It was really inspiring to see those fantastic
artists from Walonia-Brussels and Poland working together for one project.

It is the first time that the main
subject was not only our city but also the region of Łódź.
This year our guests were:
Julie Maroh, Max de Radiguès, Sacha George, Zbigniew Kasprzak, Tomasz Kolodziejczak, Tomasz 
Tomaszewski, Marek Oleksicki and Adrian Madej.
The cover of our book was designed  by Daniel Gembus and the portraits of our artists and participians were created by Paweł Sych. 

The main idea of City Stories project, which was set up in 2006 by Adam Radoń, is to create pictorial histories situated in Łódź and associated with tradition and culture of this industrial city. Ever ytime we invite great artists from Poland and from another country.

Our guests are working together and the effect of this cooperation is a bilingual comic book and the official exhibition.

This year’s City Stories received the patronage from The Polish Presidency in European Union. The main organizers of the project are the Association of Artists „Contur” and Łódź Cultural Center (ŁDK). The financial support was given by 
The Marshal Office of the Łódź Voivodeship, the Łódź Special Economic Zone and the main sponsor of the22. MFKiG –Atlas Group.



City Stories 7

City Stories 7

W tym roku w City Stories wzięli udział twórcy z Polski i Walonii-Brukseli. Międzynarodowy projekt komiksowy City Stories realizowany jest w 2011 […]

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